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Warrington and Liverpool Child and Adult Hypnotherapy/EMDR/Mindfulness.

Irritable Bowel Problems

I see many clients with irritable bowel problems. Some have a fear of leaving the house in case they need to go to the toilet. This can increase around this time of year because of parties etc. Irritable bowel problems don’t have to control your life and there is researched treatment available. I have helped…

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Relaxer – Professionally!!!

One of my mums contacted me today to tell me that her son said “I like Dawn and I think being a professional relaxer is the best job in the world”. Well you know what – he is correct, it is the best job! I love helping children and adults learn to start to relax…

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Hypnotherapy for bedwetting Hypnotherapy for bedwetting has been an accepted treatment for many years. Nearly 10% of children over 9 years and up to 2% of over 16 year olds are still wetting the bed on a semi-regular basis. Treatment focuses on training the learning mind (subconscious) to respond to the signals coming from the…

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Hypnosis myths

This article is very informative about the history and myths of hypnosis.

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Help with Fibromyalgia FMS or Fibromyalgia is a long term condition. Symptoms can include pain all over the body, fatigue, and tiredness as well as increased sensitivity to pain. Hypnotherapy and EMDR can help in various ways, especially if the fibromyalgia is connected with PTSD. The mind can be used to soothe and heal.  Treatment…

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PTSD and its symptoms are not fixed and you can recover from them with the correct treatment. Unfortunately, this is not widely available.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Many people I meet are surprised that you can help IBS with hypnotherapy and that is because people are not fully aware how our minds and bodies are linked so strongly.   Whatever we think causes a chemical reaction in our body and that in turn affects how we feel and sometimes when stress hormones are…

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Anxiety Treatment

We often describe anxiety as something we ‘suffer’ from or ‘I have anxiety’.  Fight or flight is protective and everyone has this ability in order to help us survive.  Occasionally the mind and body can stay in fight or flight too long and this can cause problems.  Treatment is available, however, and it is not…

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