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Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is amazing for our health and well being.  It has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase calm and well being.  It can change the shape of your brain and improve focus.   Consequently helping you to have more control over your thoughts.    Resulting in lower blood pressure, lower anxiety levels and an increase in quality of life.  There are many fun ways to do mindfulness.

Mindfulness is recommended by the medical profession for the treatment of pain, depression, and anxiety.  As well as IBS and trauma along with many other conditions.

Youth Mindfulness Training

I chose to train with Youth Mindfulness.  as they are advisors to the government on mindfulness in schools.   I believe it is important for children to learn to be more mindful as this will help them now and in their future.   Helping them to spend more time in the moment and being able to put their thoughts where they want them to be.  Research has consistently shown improvements in optimism, resilience, emotional wellbeing and positive relationships.  There is also evidence of reductions in aggression, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

I have been practicing mindfulness for over 8 years and this has helped me reduce anxiety, stress and improve my sleep.

Ratio Breathing

If you want to learn mindfulness or help your teen or child the skills to be mindful in their life, then please contact me on dawn.hypnotherapy@gmail.com or contact us